Monday, July 03, 2006

SHRM and Direct Mail Recruiting

Timing couldn't have been any better for SHRM and the release of RecruitCard.

SHRM was absolutely great (with the exception of the rain, a cheap motel, bridges being flooded and having to sleep in a hotel lobby until we could get across the river).

Other than a few little snafus, we couldn't have begged for a better release. Our "Old School Recruiting" t-shirts really helped convey our message and show the world, that we are not your traditional agency. And our collateral was off the hook. (Our entire production team at Enfront all deserve a warm fuzzy for how fast they put everything together)

With out getting specific, a lot of the big job boards showed serious interest in RecruitCard and specifically the concept of direct mail recruiting. We will keep you posted on any outcomes.

After the show we trekked to King of Prussia, PA, to formalize our relationship with, those guys are doing some great technical work and I cant wait to see all the wonderful things we come up with together.


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