Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google gets in to the Job Board Business

Google has finally broken in to the HR market. Everyone wondered when it would happen. As the recruitment sector gets more and more complex and more and more data is being passed between this or that system, it was only a matter of time before google stepped in to index all said data.

Now with Google Base, (short for database) you can submit all sorts of data to google that can be search on - at a later time. One of the main categories is JOBS. So you can submit your job data either one at a time, or using a batch process that accepts an extension of RSS for job data. They do have a limit of 1000 jobs per batch, but nonetheless when google starts doing it, everyone takes notice.

CareerBuilder was smart and formed a relationship with Google early on and now supports "cross posting" to Google. Job boards watch out, when google starts delivering candidates FOR FREE - your $260 dollar a posting cost will seem a tad over priced!


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