Thursday, October 19, 2006

Six Degrees from Talent

Here is a great little article from Dave Mendoza..

Sales Skills are Essential

Recruiters are challenged on many fronts, from narrow job specs to the reality of a decreasing labor pool. It’s now commonplace for recruiters to seek alternatives to their tired resume database. One way to enhance your talent pipeline is by broadening your outreach efforts. A warm referral is good, but an even better referral is from a contact you know and trust. What if you could replicate that result with an audience of potentially hundreds, if not thousands of new prospects as opposed to a limited rolodex of exhausted leads? What if you could improve both the volume and the quality of leads - would you agree in this value proposition - dedicating greater resources, your time and research efforts, to grow your networking efforts on behalf of your talent needs?

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Calling all Geek Recruiters

I am finding it really hard to keep up with all my work and post great stories to HireBlog. So I am officially looking for contributors. If you have a love for new and great technologies, and are use or are familiar with Recruiting Technologies, send me an email at

Monday, July 17, 2006

Who says print doesnt work for job seekers.

Here is another link I found from

Source Job Seeker Management

So I found a cool new product from - (this is a great resource for the latest up and coming recruiting technology) the new product is called Emurse.

Basically, this is a tool for job seekers to keep track of their resumes, cover letters and allow easy access for Employers to download various versions.

It will get very interesting, if Emurse eventually sells (or even better, gives away for free) access to these resumes. Of course they would need to get permission from the job seekers first. Keep your eye on these guys, Im happy to see someone finally doing some really cool stuff for the seeker.

From's site

When finding your perfect career, don't leave the most important parts up to chance. Writing a great resume and keeping it up to date is essential. Getting your foot in the door requires an organized approach and maybe even a little bit of
networking. Wouldn't it be swell if you could do that all from one place?

Monday, July 03, 2006

SHRM and Direct Mail Recruiting

Timing couldn't have been any better for SHRM and the release of RecruitCard.

SHRM was absolutely great (with the exception of the rain, a cheap motel, bridges being flooded and having to sleep in a hotel lobby until we could get across the river).

Other than a few little snafus, we couldn't have begged for a better release. Our "Old School Recruiting" t-shirts really helped convey our message and show the world, that we are not your traditional agency. And our collateral was off the hook. (Our entire production team at Enfront all deserve a warm fuzzy for how fast they put everything together)

With out getting specific, a lot of the big job boards showed serious interest in RecruitCard and specifically the concept of direct mail recruiting. We will keep you posted on any outcomes.

After the show we trekked to King of Prussia, PA, to formalize our relationship with, those guys are doing some great technical work and I cant wait to see all the wonderful things we come up with together.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

JobThread - Free Career Site / Referral System

I just ran across JobThread, an interesting spin on Career-sites / Referrals Systems.

From their site:

Your JobThread site gives you a home on the web where you can post your jobs, syndicate them to search engines and job aggregators (like Indeed, Google Base, and Oodle to name a few). Your site also lets you email job newsletters to your contacts.

What's more, your contacts can subscribe to receive your jobs via email newsletter or RSS (using a feed reader such as Bloglines, Newsgator, My Yahoo! to name a few).

The site is pretty new from what I can tell, however this is disruptive technology. They have the ability to automatically post your jobs to sites like Google Base, Oodle and Indeed. Plus, from what I can tell, Its FREE!?

So what do you get for FREE? A place to list your jobs, a way to track referrals, job syndication and some custom content pages! Pretty slick, and would be a phenomenal resources for the small to small-mid markets.

Monday, December 19, 2005

First Advantage Acquires TruStar Solutions

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) -- First Advantage Corp., a provider of risk management services, said on Monday that it agreed to acquire online recruitment firm TruStar Solutions Inc. for an undisclosed sum.
TruStar, a Fishers, Ind.-based firm owns a variety of Web recruitment technologies, including a job posting tool that distributes listings to several job boards, as well as an interactive advertising tool.

Separately Monday, brokerage firm Morgan Keegan downgraded the stock to "Market perform" from "Outperform," on valuation concerns.

Shares of First Advantage, which have traded between $18.48 and $31.07 over the last year, slid $1.76, or 5.8 percent, to $28.80 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq.

TruStar Solutions

Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Tool for HR Evaluation by Beeliner HR and Training

December 5, 2005 — Cambridge, MA — Spinfish/ROG, Inc. today introduced Beeliner HR & Training, a customized version of its flagship online survey software product, enabling human resources professionals to better manage employee communications and evaluate training and hiring practices without the cost, effort and learning curve typical of many HRIS software products.

The Beeliner HR & Training Surveys software package enhances Spinfish's original Beeliner Surveys by offering more of the services that a typical HR department needs, including:

Customized training workshops by industry experts Professionally developed survey templates Dedicated support specialists

"A primary focus for Beeliner was to produce an easy-to-use solution for HR professionals," said Amanda Trombley, CEO for Spinfish/ROG, Inc. "HR professionals spend a lot of timing in meetings and working one on one with people. They need an efficient way to collect and manage information from employees, but they do not have the time to use a software product that has a big learning curve."

In countless occasions, HR professionals avoided complicated and costly HRIS software in favor of products that are simple to use, but might not have the needed functionality. Beeliner offers the best of both worlds; a high tech software product with the ease and familiarity of a spreadsheet.

"Many large companies that we've talked to are using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of paper surveys," said Trombley. "It can be manual and time-consuming, but from an HR perspective it's easier than researching, buying, and integrating HRIS software."

Beeliner's easy to use interface is web-based, so HR professionals do not need to install software or involve their IT departments. The software can be accessed from any location, not just within the office.

Beeliner's web-based interface walks HR professionals through every step of developing, customizing, and sending the following types of surveys and more: - Team member self-assessments

  • Employee performance appraisal forms

  • Post-training impact surveys

  • Training session evaluation forms

  • New hire surveys

  • Benefits surveys

  • Organizational climate surveys

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

  • Exit surveys

  • Applicant surveys

Beeliner's reporting function allows HR professionals to decide how they want to view and share the data -- they can pinpoint it by individual response or get the big picture by viewing data in a general summary format. It also creates customized reports and presentations for effectively communicating the information as needed.

More information is available on the Beeliner web site at

About Spinfish/ROG, Inc. Beeliner Surveys ( is a leading survey software tool that helps people and businesses around the globe conduct professional email and web surveys. Large and small businesses, universities, non-profits, and governmental agencies use Beeliner to create surveys for a variety of purposes, including market research, human resources, customer satisfaction and retainment, and more. Beeliner is developed by Spinfish/ROG, Inc., a privately-owned software development company in Cambridge, MA in the USA. Spinfish was founded in 1997.